Statement of Guiding Principles
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Our Statement of Guiding Principles

Strategic Wealth Management, Inc.’s mission is to assist its clients in the prudent management of their precious resources.

Our goal is to utilize our disciplined processes, our professional and information networks and resources, and our personal skills and experience to increase both the wealth and peace of mind of our clients.

We believe in the value of:

Setting realistic objectives

  • Identifying all constraints
  • Objective focused investment planning
  • Disciplined investment strategies and processes
  • Written investment policies
  • Careful implementation
  • Thorough monitoring and measurement
  • Timely reporting and recommendations
  • Informed, thoughtful trustee/investor decision making
  • Clear ongoing communications
  • Long term relationships

Our posture is to align our interests with those of our clients and expend our energies to assist them in achieving their goals.  When functioning in the investment environment, our clients’ best interests must necessarily come first.

We believe in taking personal responsibility in all our endeavors.  We believe in this for our clients, our associates and ourselves.

We believe in the integrity and skills of ourselves and our associates, as well as the ability of our team and our systems to perform for our clients.

We believe that our firm can only grow and prosper through the growth of its people.  We are committed to personal growth for ourselves and those we work with.

We believe in providing not just good but superior services to our clients.

We believe that, if we keep faith with these tenets, the long-term success of our clients, our associates and our firm is assured.