Institutional Consulting
Service Times: 9am and 10:30am
6399 North Wells Road, Bigtownville, CO 32748
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Institutional Consulting

Strategic Wealth Management, Inc. provides independent, unbiased consulting services to assist fiduciaries in carrying out the duties associated with the management of institutional wealth.  We assist our institutional clients by bringing them the knowledge and tools they require to make the prudent investment decisions necessary to protect and build the assets entrusted to them.

Institutional clients include:

Businesses and Corporations
Charitable Trusts, Foundations and Endowments
Native American Tribes
Nonprofit Organizations
Retirement Plans

Institutional Consulting Services

  • Ongoing Fiduciary education
  • Assistance in identification of portfolio goals, risk and return objectives and constraints
  • Asset allocation modeling and portfolio design strategies
  • Written Investment Policy Statements
  • Search and selection for custody and trading
  • Assist with portfolio custody and implementation
  • Money Manager/Mutual Fund search and selection
  • Manager, Fund and Portfolio monitoring, measurement and reporting
  • Portfolio Re-Balancing and Re-Allocation
  • Geopolitical and capital market review and recommendations
  • Facilitation of fiduciary review and decision making