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Tribal Consulting

Special Services to Native American Tribal Governments

Strategic Wealth Management, Inc. recognizes that Native American tribal governments carry out broad responsibilities on behalf of their tribal members.  Invested assets are part of a greater overall fiscal management responsibility.  We believe investment activities and results can be greatly enhanced by effective overall financial planning and management. SWM’s Native American consultants have decades of experience that can be called upon, when needed, to assist its Native American clients in the development of increased fiscal capacity and disciplines.  This helps our tribal clients maximize the value and use of their precious financial resources. 

One critical difference that sets SWM apart from most Investment Consulting firms is that Jim Sizemore, our CFO and Director of Native American consulting, brings the skills and experience of having actually served as an independent Tribal auditor and, for more than a decade, as a Tribal finance director and controller of a major Native American Tribe. We understand how Tribes must operate.  Collectively, our team has accumulated over seven decades of service and assistance to Tribal Governments and their enterprises, helping them to achieve their financial, management and growth objectives.  By combining the diverse backgrounds and experience of our team members, we offer our Tribal clients a depth of knowledge, experience and proven success that few, if any, Investment Consulting firms can match.

Special Services include consulting in the following areas:

  • All of our institutional consulting services, specifically tailored to tribal government and/or enterprise needs  
  • Development of fiscal and financial management policies
  • Development of budget and administration processes
  • Strategic financial planning
  • Planning and establishment of dedicated purpose funds and development of related policies and procedures
  • Assistance with credit and financing of tribal infrastructures and enterprises
  • Assistance with coordinating and reconciling funds at Office of Trust Funds Management 
  • Planning for Self-Determination contracting/compacting
  • Indirect cost rate training, development and negotiation
  • Training for Finance Department managers and employees in the above stated areas
  • Various other services upon request